CLF Lighting fixtures triumph harsh conditions during an eight week winter event

Around 500 CLF Lighting fixtures were deployed during ‘De Coolste Baan van Nederland’ which was held in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam, built for the 1928 Olympic Games. Center of attention was the 400m long speed skating track that was used for the ISU World Allround Speed Skating Championships 2018 during the last weekend of the event.

In cooperation with production company For Live, light designer Henk-Jan van Beek (Light-H-Art) chose different CLF Lighting fixtures to illuminate the speed skating track and all the areas around it. With 350 pieces, the CLF Yara LEDPAR was everywhere. The majority of them illuminated all the flags in the surrounding area. This outdoor lighting essential was used because of the impressive output and intense colors.

Ruud van den Berg, owner of For Live was very happy with the CLF Yara’s. ‘We have seriously challenged the fixtures. The fixtures were deployed 24/7 with temperatures below zero for a significant period but the fixtures didn’t flinch. We have a large rental stock of multiple CLF fixtures and we will continue to expand it.’

150 CLF Quadcolor RGBW LED pars illuminated an extra skating track from a closer distance. Because of the 30° beam angle they were very suitable for this job. The CLF Ares LEDwashes took care of the grandstands and the skating track in the center area. Besides all the outdoor fixtures, the CLF LEDwash RGBW took care of the entrance hall.

Fixtures used:
350 x CLF Yara
150 x CLF Quadcolor
100 x CLF LEDwash RGBW
36 x CLF Juno
40 x CLF Ares

Production Company: For Live
Light Design: Henk-Jan van Beek (Light-H-Art)
Project Manager: Arjan Bakker (For Live)