CLF Lighting enlightens the historical centre of Goes (NL), during ‘Veste Verlicht’.

Hofman Productions was responsible for this massive project in which the eastern moat of Goes was the setting of the ‘Veste Verlicht’ event. To lighten up every single tree, lighting designer Vince van Iwaarden chose for our brand new lighting essential; the Yara. Because of the punchy 15° beam angle this fixture was able to reach the treetops. Very subtle effects were created by using the RGBW color mixing in combination with the color temperature feature of the Yara. Bigger trees and large areas were covered by the CLF Ares.

To ensure continuous color changing all Ares LEDwashes were controlled by Wireless DMX by using Wireless DMX Blackbox F1 receivers. CLF Juno battery powered uplighters were used to transfer DMX signal to daisy-chained Yara fixtures.

The event was organised because 600 years ago, countess Jacoba van Beieren became the rights to build the entire fortress of Goes. During the event, visitors can walk through a spectacular scenery with light, audio and video effects.

CLF Fixtures used:
36 x CLF Ares
100 x CLF Yara
24 x CLF Tricolor
12 x CLF Juno

Pictures: Marty’s Vision

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