CLF Lights up Valencia

Valencia is famous for its modern architecture, no visitor can escape the beauty of the City of Arts and Science. Designed by Santiago Calatrava and completed in 2005, not only is it Valencia’s main tourist attraction it is also 1 of the ´12 treasures of Spain’, up there with the Alhambra and the Sagrada Familia.

L’umbracle forms part of the complex, an open structure enveloping a landscaped walk with plant species indigenous to Valencia and an outdoor art gallery with sculptures by contemporary artists, including Yoko Ono. It was designed as an entrance to the City of Arts and Sciences. It is 320 meters long and 60 meters wide, located on the southern side of the complex. It includes 55 fixed arches and 54 floating arches that stand 18 meters high. During the summer it becomes one of Valencia’s most popular night spots with the upstairs offering mainly pop music whilst Mya, located at the bottom of the complex bringing in DJs from far and beyond playing electronic music and hard house.

50 CLF Yara fixtures have been installed on the inside base of the arcs. HFS Salamandra purchased the equipment from Proluz, CLF’s exclusive distributor for the Spanish Market. They recently purchased 12 Aorun moving heads from Proluz for one of their other clubs and were blown away by the quality. They tested other fixtures for Umbracle but again, were straight away convinced by the quality of CLF. They opted for the Yara for many reasons including the opening degrees. The arcs are not easy to light as they are very tight. The 15° beam angle of the Yara was exactly what they needed for this situation. With the Yara they were able to achieve intense colours, combined with high output. The fact that they are IP65 rated also helps as they are located outdoors and can resist the elements.

12 Beam 6 also from CLF were used to replace some old fixtures on the dancefloor. The change is quite amazing and it is quite incredible how much power and light is released from such a small compact fixture. The rotatable lens of the Beam 6 provides a widely kaleidoscopic effect, which fills the complete dancefloor area.

Being one of Valencia’s most popular spots it was important to not compromise on quality. The venue also hosts many corporate events and it is important to deliver premium quality and to light the place keeping with the corporate identity.