CLF Yara for VIGSØ

Danish dryhire company Vigsø A/S needed a LED parcan fixture for their dryhire inventory. Already owning a lot of IP65 products, they were interested in products that would fit into this profile without compromising quality of the light and overall product.

Christian Vigsø (CEO): “When looking around at products like this we realised that the CLF Yara was perfect for us. The size and quality of construction of the fixtures make it easy to use in almost every situation, and the colors and the output of the fixture is really nice.”

“Vigsø often gets large enquiries from national and international rental companies and the CLF brand seems to be very well accepted and that made it an easy decision to go with this product.”

Thanks to Atendi Protech

Christian Vigsø, CEO
Daniel Daugård Klausen, Controller