Portuguese company SLS new distributor CLF

CLF Lighting Europe is very proud to announce the confirmation of SLS  as the sole Distributor of the CLF-range for Portugal.

For a few decades already Rui Nunes and Cristovoa Piloto are both well known and highly appreciated professionals in the Portuguese sound and light scene.

With regular shipments almost every 2 weeks for the last months, they have proven to understand the no-nonsense “high quality, low maintenance , cost-effective price” -philosophy of the CLF range, and thev managed to translate this to the Portugese market.

CLF will intensify the support and partnership with SLS even more over the next months, to ensure their customers continue to get the very best available.

Please ask for your demo or info at ruinunes@slsystems.pt or cristovaopiloto@slsystems.pt .