• Unique bracket design
  • Touring-ready housing
  • RGBWAUV color mixing
  • IP65 rating
  • Ultra-silent
  • RDM ready
  • 30° beam angle



The CLF Hera features high output and outstanding smooth RGBWAUV color mixing. Rich colors, subtle pastle tones and a very homogenous 30° beam angle are delivered by 12 high power LEDs which can be dimmed precisely by the 16bit dimming control. IP65 rating makes the Hera suitable for both in- and outdoor use.

A unique single bracket design provides both standing and hanging opportunities, all in a touring-ready aluminum housing. The LCD display offers easy access to the menu settings and manual control. Silent operation is ensured because of the intelligent cooling system. Data and power can be connected through the IP65 5 pin locking XLR and PowerCON TRUE1 connectors.

Input Voltage & Rate 100-240V, 50/60hZ
Standby power 7W
Nominal Total Power Consumption
(at Nominal voltage 230V)
Typical Current (at Nominal voltage 230V) 0.578A
Cos φ 0,861
Power Plug Type Seetronic PowerCON True
LED Color Temperature 2500 – 10000 K
LED CRI level
Quantity of LED 12 pc
Dimming frequency 600/1200/2400/4800
Dimmer resolution 16bit
Beam angle 30 °
Output @1M  14.500 lux
Output @5M 650 lux
Cooling type: Passive cooling
MAX. Ambient temp (Ta max) 35 °C
MIN. Ambient temp (Ta min) 25 °C
MAX housing temp.(ta=25℃) 36,6 °C
MAX housing temp.(ta=40℃) 53 °C
AUTO program Yes
Static Color Yes
Manual Calibration Yes
Factory calibration No
Strobe speed 0 – 20Hz
Random strobe Yes
Control Protocol USITT DMX512/1990
DMX Channel Range 4/5/6/7/8/11/13/HSV/HSI
RDM compliance ANSI/ESTA E.120
WDMX Optional
DMX input connection DMX 5 pin in en out
Data input  (artnet, SACN) No
Interface Backlite LCD display
Software upload method XLR
Location Outdoor
IP rating IP65
Net product weight 3,8 kg
Machine Dimensions – Length 260 mm
Machine Dimensions – Width 180 mm
Machine Dimensions – Height 290 mm
Item number 156360
Included items
Approved certifications

CLF Hera