Focus on IP65

CLF Lighting has been around for a while now and is appreciated not only in the Netherlands but also in the rest of Europe. In particular, the range of so-called ‘lighting essentials’ is a must-have for every rental company. The products have many well thought-out features, but IP65 -water and dust resistant- is the main theme. Why this focus?

To begin with, CLF products are always designed with certain features which are guiding. Product Manager Bram Adams explains: “We always go for a combination of high output, saturated colors and a sophisticated color mixing. We ensure color consistency by maintaining a very narrow binning range when selecting the LEDs. On top of that we use refined calibration techniques. In addition, we always specify our own lenses and electronic components. Products are available for a minimum of 4 to 6 years in exactly the same design. A rental company does not want a version 2. Besides hardware, we also try to avoid the need for software updates. The housing and software are always equipped with useful features.”

CLF products have to be able to cope with all conditions. That is why intensive outdoor use is also explicitly included during the design process. Adams: “In the Netherlands we mainly consider wet weather conditions. But an IP65 casing also has other advantages. For example, this housing is dust-proof, which significantly reduces maintenance efforts. The technical and optical components don’t have to be cleaned all the time. In southern European countries in particular, this is an important issue.”

Temperature control plays an important role when developing our IP65 rated fixtures. Efforts are made to equip the products with natural cooling options as much as possible. A good example of this are the cooling fins of the Hera and Yara. “Enabling a significant amount of natural cooling reduces the need for a classic fan. Therefore, these fixtures are also great for theatres and concert halls”, says Adams.

In terms of maintenance, a simple wash after a vigorous festival is enough for most IP65 fixtures. Only in some cases it is necessary to open a housing, for example to change a lamp on the Poseidon Hybrid or Beam. “While designing the fixtures, we spend a lot of time on service-friendliness. As a result, only a few screws give access to the internal part of the fixture, which enables a lamp change time of less than 4 minutes. Also, the entire internal module can be taken out for service by using the slide in & out principal. Where competing products have a large number of covers with rubber sealings, the CLF Poseidon range limits this to just one. This reduces the risk of leaking significantly.

Finally, IP65 fixtures also offer advantages in stage design. Adams: “The use of domes and rain caps is no longer necessary, which means that fixtures can be processed much more subtly. They can also be placed at any angle. Eliminating domes and rain caps saves a significant amount of time during set-up and take down, but also saves space in the trailer. In addition to the practical benefits, price-performance is key.” “CLF products are workhorses. We therefore aim at a certain price level which keeps the products interesting for everyone.”, concludes Adams.