Poseidon Wash M deployed at “Het was Zondag in het Zuiden”

Our Poseidon Wash M moving heads can currently be spotted among the trees in Tegelen, The Netherlands. This is due to the vibrant performance of the musical “Het was Zondag in het Zuiden” taking place at Openluchttheater De DOOLHOF. Rain or shine, the show must go on. Thus, all equipment must endure the harshest weather conditions, giving the unpredictable weather in The Netherlands. Fortunately, the Poseidon Wash M boasts an IP 65 rating, ensuring its resilience against the widest range of weather conditions.

Meet the CLF Poseidon Wash M:

· 12 RGBL high power LEDs
· Touring-ready, compact housing
· Smooth projections
· Very silent operation
· Zoom range 4° to 52,7°
· IP65 rating

Photos: DEMO Productions, Bjorn Frins, Roy Beusker