Fully packed CLF lighting rig for I Am Hardstyle

This years’ premiere of the I Am Hardstyle world tour took place in Mannheim based Maimarkthalle. Around 10.000 visitors enjoyed performances of major hardstyle acts like Brennan Heart, Code Black, Coone, Da Tweekaz, D-Block & S-Te-Fan, Gunz For Hire, Phuture Noize and more. Like two previous editions, 4Light Showprojects was in charge of technical production.

4Light owner Ronnie Santegoeds was in charge of designing the impressive stage, in cooperation with Bart van Rooy (BigVis). By choosing standard materials which are available everywhere, the production is ready for touring all over the world. For example, LED screens were chosen instead of decorations. A large number of CLF luminaires were part of the spectacular lighting design.

The CLF Orion had an important share in this design. Right after the recent introduction, the fixture has been tested during an extensive shoot-out. Santegoeds: “We were looking for a fixture with heavy mid-air effects. The Orion Hybrid came out as absolute winner of the shoot-out. Especially since the gobos are very suitable for mid-air. Thereby, the impressive output of the fixture remains stable across the full zoom range. Due to the affordable price of the Orion we were able to work with larger numbers.

In addition, 44 CLF Aorun beams were included in the design. “The Aorun is currently my favorite beam. The light output is very impressive. Furthermore, the large, fully-filled lens is very useful,” says Santegoeds. Koen van Elderen (The Art of Light), operator on duty, likes to work with the Aorun. “Everything about the Aorun is fast, which is essential to keep up with the pace of the harder styles of dance music. In addition to the speed of all effects, the pan and tilt speed are also OK. And not unimportantly; the positioning remains accurate.”

In order to accent the depth of the stage, a matrix of 100 CLF Conan zoom PARs were deployed across the full width of the stage. Venue trussing and CO2 clouds were lightened up by CLF Yara LED PARs.

Promotor: Musical Madness
Design and technical production: 4Light Showprojects
Operator: Koen van Elderen (The Art of Light)
Supplier lights & rigging: Rent-All
Supplier audio: DWS Veranstaltungstechnik
Supplier video: Rent Event Tec GmbH
Staging: Coreworks
Pyro & SFX: Rec-Tec
Laser: Laser-Zentrale