• 30° beam angle
  • Solid housing
  • IP65
  • Double bracket for floor and truss mounting
  • ‘Flicker free’ operation
  • Intense colours due to specially selected LEDs
  • Clear menu structure for operation settings

The CLF Quad Color Mini PAR is a compact RGBW LED fixture with an impressive output for in- and outdoor use. The Quad Color mini PAR offers deep saturated, intense colours  due to the specially selected LEDs and with the inserted white LEDs it is possible to create a huge range of colours. The powerful LEDs provide extremely high output and ensures ‘flicker-free’  operation for all types of TV and camera use. The fixtures comes with a 30˚ beam angle which is perfect for illuminating large surfaces and can also be used for effect lighting. The solid housing of the fixture makes it suitable for every rental stock and fixed installations. Besides DMX control, the fixture can also be controlled stand alone or in master / slave mode. The Quad Color Mini PAR comes with pre-programmed macros. All controls can be found in the menu on the on-board LED display. The fixture has a double bracket so it can be placed on the floor or mounted to truss structures by using the unique CLF quicklock system. This hanging system is easy to use and time-saving. The Quadcolor Mini PAR is equipped with waterproof cables to ensure an IP65 rating and adapters to schuko and XLR are included. An optional barndoor is also available.

DMX channels 5, 11
Beam angle 30°
Power supply 100 – 240 VAC
Power consumption Max. 56 Watt
Power factor 120V (PF) 0,988
Power factor 240V (PF) 0,867
Cooling Convection
DMX connection 3p XLR in & out
Dimensions 190 x 148 x 238 mm (LxWxH)
Weight 2,5 Kg
Certification CE, RoHS
Item number 156120
Including Power cable schuko – IP65 DMX cable XLR3 male & female – IP65 connector
IP rating IP65
Optional accessories Barndoor