Rackey’s new sole CLF distributor for Greece!

CLF Lighting is very proud to announce Rackey’s, managed by George Botsaris and Manos Kotsabassis, as the sole distributor of CLF products for Greece.

Rackey’s has a 30-year history of being an audio-visual products distributor, flightcase manufacturer and rental company. It has a large network with many Greek rental companies. This matches perfectly with CLF Lighting’s positioning of developing lighting fixtures especially for rental use.

CLF and Rackey’s have a “rental-DNA” and will make sure the Greek rental companies will be supplied with good value for money products.

Please ask for your CLF demo at george@rackeys.gr, manos@rackeys.gr or at www.clf-lighting.com

From left to right: George Botsaris and Manos Kotsabassis