Toverland selects CLF fixtures for Halloween Nights

Over 400 CLF fixtures were used during the absolute highlight of the year; the Halloween Nights. Illuminating one of the many scare zones or experiences, the fixtures were scattered all over the amusement park. Technical coordinator Thijs Peeters and his crew took care of the enormous transformation.
During the Halloween Nights, each theme zone of the youngest amusement park of the Netherlands is expanded with scare zones or experiences. All of them elaborating on the existing theme. “We chose CLF fixtures, because of their IP rating and light output”, says Peeters. “The fixtures have proven to be reliable during previous editions and the simple and straightforward menu structure enables a quick installation by our technical crew.”
Previous editions featured a large amount of Ares and Yara fixtures. This year the Hera was added. Specifically in the dark and evil Mexican theme zone, the Hera LEDpar was a good fit. Peeters: “The powerful UV LEDs eliminate the need for separate UV floodlights. The combination of UV and RGBWA colours in one fixture also gave us new programming possibilities.” To create a dark and ominous effect, Aorun Beams were added on top of the entrance building.
CLF fixtures:
• 208x CLF Yara LED-Par
• 112x CLF Hercules LED-Par
• 97x CLF Hera LED-Par
• 50x CLF Ares LED-wash
• 36x CLF Tricolor Mini LED-Par
• 8x CLF Aorun Beam
Supplier: Rent-All