Defqon.1 2020 at Home with CLF Lighting

Transformed into an online experience, the 2020 edition of Defqon.1 was still one to notice. Three days of madness with more than 80 artists and featuring every key element of Defqon.1 resulted in one of the most spectacular live streams so far. Together with the Q-Dance team, LD Robbert-Jan Vernooij was in charge of lighting. The design features a significant amount of CLF fixtures, supplied by Rent-All.

The deviant, 360-degree perspective asked for a full waterproof lighting package. Since the design was based on a flat surface of 160x200m, rain covers and domes were not desired. Centrally located on this surface is the well-known Defqon.1 sign, fitted with 96 CLF LEDbar PRO fixtures. Q-Dance’s Jonas Schmidt, Dennis van Harten en Tamil van Draanen were responsible for set design.

In order to create spectacular aerial and geometric effects, LD Robbert-Jan Vernooij chose the brand-new IP65 rated CLF Poseidon outdoor beam. “We are used to working with the CLF Aorun beam. The Poseidon certainly lives up to his indoor brother. We were really surprised about the movement speed and the fact that the double prism can be used to create a wide spot-like effect.”

CLF Ares and CLF Yara fixtures were used as floodlights to illuminate decoration and large surfaces. “A wide area needed to be covered, so we included a large amount of these fixtures. Both fixtures feature high intensity and beautiful saturated colors, which is exactly what we were looking for”, concludes Vernooij.

Just like every other Defqon.1 event, the 2020 online edition ended with a bang. A three-minute timecoded closing-show with fireworks concluded a three day online experience full of highlights.

CLF fixtures that were used:

48x CLF Poseidon
136x CLF Ares
112x CLF Yara
96x CLF LEDbar PRO
48x CLF Quadcolor
38x CLF Ares XS
8x CLF Turbine

Client: Q-Dance
Set design: Jonas Schmidt, Dennis van Harten & Tamil van Draanen
LD: Robbert-Jan Vernooij
Supplier: Rent-All
Technical drawings: Marcel Binnenmarsch
Dependence2 drawings: Niels Kieboom
Load in/load out/show crew: Peter Visser, Mark Loeffen, Freek van Mil & Rob Germans

Photo: MNO Photo